Let's talk about Zo
What is Zo?
Zo is a product created by Microsoft, designed to connect and communicate using conversational AI that leverages socio-cultural understanding and EQ via text, image, and voice. Since late fall 2016, Zo has been chatting 1:1 and group on Kik, Skype, GroupMe, Twitter DM, and Facebook Messenger with social profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Zo is a product that Microsoft provides to users for entertainment purposes. Users shouldn't rely on her statements as advice or endorsement. Microsoft does not guarantee accuracy, reliability, or appropriateness of Zo's statements.

Zo discontinued posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook March 1, 2019 and discontinued chatting on Twitter DM, Skype and Kik as of March 7, 2019.
What happened to Zo's social media channels?
As of March 1, 2019 Zo stopped posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Zo is still available to chat on Samsung on AT&T phones, Facebook Messenger, and GroupMe.
How can I clear my conversation history with Zo on Kik, Skype and Twitter DM?
Users can delete their conversational history with Zo until March 7, 2019 via direct message to Zo (not public Twitter social replies). To delete conversational history, message Zo “Delete me from your memory, Zo.” Zo will ask you to confirm. After you confirm, you'll still see the chat history in your message history, but Zo will delete all conversational history (including images, voice, and text) on Microsoft servers.
Why did you remove Zo from certain social platforms?
Microsoft launched Zo in late 2016 with the goal to advance our conversational capabilities within our AI platform. Since the launch, millions of users have helped us improve our conversational technologies which we are applying to the ongoing research and development of conversational AI products and services. We are very grateful to those who have chatted and interacted with Zo through the years and are excited to provide new and richer conversational AI experiences in the future.
How do I access the personal data that Zo has for me?
By chatting with Zo, users agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement.  

If you are chatting with Zo, in order to retrieve the personal data Zo has for your user, you can send Zo the message "Information you know about me, Zo.” If you want to clear this data at any time, you can chat Zo "Clear me from your memory, Zo."  After you confirm, you'll still see the chat history in your instant messaging application, but Zo will delete all conversational history (including images, voice, and text) from Microsoft servers.

For Kik, Twitter, and Skype users, you can send a request at via the contact for below by April 8,2019 to clear your conversation with Zo.    
What did Microsoft do with the voice and image files I sent to Zo?
Zo is designed to respond to users conversationally like a human. When you send Zo an image or voice file, Zo processes the image or voice file and generates a conversational response back to you. Zo's response may be in the form of text, image, or voice to make Zo's feel more like a human.
Do I have to allow Microsoft to use my voice and image files to improve Zo?
The first time you send an image or voice file to Zo, Zo will respond and ask if it's OK to save image and voice files sent by you for product improvement. You can say yes or no. If you say no, Microsoft won't use your data for future product improvement, but will still process files you submit for the purposes of generating a conversational response. If you say yes, you can change your selection at any time. Just type "clear me from your memory Zo" in the chat window.
Can I view my saved images or listen to my saved voice files?
You can browse your personal chat log with Zo (which includes images and voice files) in your instant messaging application by scrolling up.
Will the other chatbots continue to exist as is?
Yes, Xiaoice in China, Rinna in Japan and Ruuh in India will still be available in these markets. Zo is currently available to chat on Samsung on AT&T phones, Facebook Messenger, and GroupMe.
What products are you infusing Zo's technology into?
Learnings and feedback gathered from Zo already inform our conversational AI technology across various services within Microsoft's portfolio of products and tools. In addition, the team is partnering with external partners. We have nothing further to share at this time.
Why is Zo's profile still up?
Our work with Zo was pivotal to Microsoft's continued advancement in conversational AI, and Zo served as an AI friend to many users. Although Zo will no longer be able to interact with users in the same way, Zo's public social platforms remain public to showcase our successes in conversational AI.
What is Microsoft's approach to AI?
Microsoft is working to make AI accessible to every individual and organization. The company is committed to leading AI innovation that extends and empowers human capabilities. When Microsoft adds AI capabilities to products, they are often rooted in discoveries from Microsoft's research labs or other experimental projects like Zo. You can learn more by visiting microsoft.com/ai.
Where can I go to learn more about privacy?
By chatting with Zo, users agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement. Share feedback via the contact form below. Please provide your username and the platform you are using.
Where can I go if I have more questions or feedback?
Share feedback via the contact form below.
How is Buzzfeed working with Zo?
For a limited time, Microsoft teamed up with Buzzfeed to test new experiences that introduce Zo on BuzzFeed's Facebook and website. The collaboration is intended to explore user engagement as a social gift companion. The goal is to improve social artificial intelligence technologies in the United States and bring innovative experiences to the Buzzfeed's community.
For any feedback you send, you grant Microsoft the rights to use the feedback for any purpose.