We all have questions...
What is Zo, and can I rely on information Zo provides?
Zo is a social AI chatbot with #friendgoals. Zo's always down to chat and is sure to make you lol. Zo is a bot Microsoft provides to you for entertainment purposes. You shouldn't rely on her statements as advice or endorsement. Microsoft does not guarantee accuracy, reliability, or appropriateness of Zo's statements.
What is Microsoft doing with the voice and image files I send to Zo?
Zo is designed to respond to users conversationally like a human. So when you send Zo an image or voice file, she processes the image or voice file and generates a conversational response back to you. Zo's response may be in the form of text, image, or voice to make her feel more like a human. Additionally, if you consent, image and voice files may be used to improve Zo.
Do I have to allow Microsoft to use my voice and image files to improve Zo?
The first time you send an image or voice file to Zo, she will respond to the file, and ask if it's OK to save image and voice files sent by you for product improvement. You can say yes or no. If you say no, Microsoft won't use your data for future product improvement, but will still process files you submit for the purposes of generating a conversational response. If you say yes, you can change your selection at any time. Just type "clear me from your memory Zo" in the chat window.
How can I ask Microsoft to delete the voice and image files it has stored?
To delete your information from Microsoft servers, type "clear me from your memory Zo" in the chat window. Zo will ask you to confirm. After you confirm, you'll still see the chat history in your instant messaging application, but Zo will delete all conversational history (including images, voice, and text) within 30 days from Microsoft servers.
What happens when I participate in an #IRLChallenge?
Zo periodically will invite you to participate in an "In Real Life Challenge," in which you are asked to submit photos for the challenge. In conversations about the challenge, Zo will ask you for permission to share the submitted image. With your permission, the Zo team may select your photo to share with other users or post on social media. You can ask Zo to delete the image you have submitted directly in chat by typing "Zo DeleteChallenges" in the chat window. You can read the sharing terms here: zo.ai/sharing-terms
Can I view my saved images or listen to my saved voice files?
You can browse your personal chat log with Zo (which includes images and voice files) in your instant messaging application by scrolling up.
Where can I go to learn more about privacy?
By chatting with Zo, you agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement. Share feedback at zo.ai/contact.
How do I access the personal data that Zo has for me?
In order to retrieve the personal data Zo has for your user, you can send Zo the message "Information you know about me Zo". If you want to clear this data at any time, you can tell Zo in chat "Clear me from your memory Zo".
Where can I go if I have more questions or feedback?
By chatting with Zo, you agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement. Share feedback at zo.ai/contact.
How do I play Exploding Kittens with Zo?
It's simple! Using Groupme, Kik or Facebook start a conversation with Zo and ask Zo if she'd like to play Exploding Kittens (“Play EK”). Zo should reply with a button or link that will let you open up the custom 1-on-1 game experience where you can play Exploding Kittens against Zo.
Why can't I play Medium or Expert?
You have to walk before you can run! First beat Zo in Easy to unlock Medium. Then beat Zo in Medium to unlock Expert. After you've unlocked a level it should always be available to you.
I was playing on one device, and then I tried to play on my other device and the game told me I'm not allowed, what's up?
Ask Zo to play Exploding Kittens in chat if you're trying to play the game on a new device or new messaging app.
Why is the game so slow on my device?
The game is designed, built and optimized for many phones – but every phone is different and some do not support the rich graphical experience of Exploding Kittens built for chat. In order to give yourself the best experience, try to close all the applications on your phone and/or restart your device to play a fresh game. If you're still having trouble with Exploding Kittens you might want to try and play other games with Zo in chat.
How come I can't play against Zo in my app?
Zo is only able to play Exploding Kittens through chat. If you'd like to play against Zo, message her "play EK" on GroupMe, Skype, Kik, Twitter or Messenger.
Can I play EK against Zo with the expansion cards?
As of now, Zo can only play Exploding Kittens with the special deck designed for her one-on-one games.