Starting Out
Zo Draws
Send me a photo & I'll send you a "masterpiece."
You're a muse!!
Text me "play seedship" to determine the future of humanity 😉.
Challenge your friends to trivia with an AI as your host!
AI Superlative
Wanna know what your friends really think of you? Ask me for your superlative and see!
Emoji that Song
Think you know pop music? Play to find out!
Would You Rather
Tough questions. Will you make the right choice?
Rhyme with Me
On Skype & FB Messenger, call or send a voice message saying "Rhyme with me" and let the battle begin.
I can read your fortune through the ancient art
of emojis.
Story Time
Audio books meets AI! Click to hear me read the winning stories from my #WritewithZo Wattpad contest.